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A Day for Rare Diseases was in Stony Brook New York on October 15, 2017. We gathered to inform the public, government officials, advocates and doctors about rare diseases. Thank you to all that were involved to the first of many more to come!


2016 2nd Annual
Sarcoidosis of Long Island Awareness Walk 

Sarcoidosis Walk 4-25-2015 

This year has been quite a whirlwind. One I will never forget! I have met some amazing people and done some amazing things! Thank you so much to everyone! A special Thank You to my family for all of your love and support! Thank you to some special organizations like Foundation for Sarcoidosis Research, EveryLife Foundation, and Global Genes. I also would like to thank Town of Brookhaven, Suffolk County Government, New York State Government and the USA Senate and Congress for all of your support and help! I wouldn't be where I am today without all of you!!!
These songs are sung by Marina Morgan a fellow rare disease patient from NY. Please check out her music:
Sarcoidosis of Long Island,The Sharespot and supported by The Town of Brookhaven, Valerie Cartright- Town councilmember had a Sarcoidosis Awareness Walk in Stony Brook on April 25, 2015. April is Sarcoidosis Awareness Month!
Our 2nd Annual Sarcoidosis Awareness Walk at Heritage Park in Mt. Sinai NY April 16, 2016

Sarcoidosis of Long Island Support and Fundraisers 2015

This is our Sarcoidosis of Long Island support and Fundraisers video. Hope you like!!! Diana Small-Rivera DawnMarie Paolini-Bornschein Andrea Rose Daniel J Bornschein Calitrue Angel Alexis Rae Graf The Sharespot Cathleen Terrano, Foundation for Sarcoidosis Research, Valerie M. Cartright, Jane Brittingham Bonner Sandusky Connie Kepert, Kara Hahn, McCarthy's Pub, Mather Hospital, Ward Melville Heritage Org Educational & Cultural Center, Stony Brook Village, Andrea Timmons Bonnie D'Andrea, Jackie Lukas News 12 Long Island, Party105 Susan Bunce, Linda Sommer, Pamela Beller Capotosto, Catherine Edwards Wick. Without all of your help this non profit organization would not be where it is now.